Birth (A poem using the MORERAPS device)

My son’s school is getting kids to write poems using a prompt they’re calling MOREAPS.

Line 1: Metaphor
Line 2: Onomatopoeia
Line 3: Rhyme
Line 4: Emotion
Line 5: Repetition
Line 6: Alliteration
Line 7: Personification
Line 8: Similie

I thought this might be a little artificial or restrictive (though I get that it’s more about them practising using different poetic devices than producing profound pieces) but I gave it a go and am surprised by the results.

I am thunder – swollen power
Rumbling, lightening twin
Waiting for the life within
To douse the fire with its safe arrival
To turn thunder to gentle cloud
Soft submission to the strived-for son
The thunder smiles and subsides
As life begins, like blissful calm after the storm

Wanna give it a go??



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