Rant about Micky G

I have had cause many times over the past months to gasp in shocked awe at our Education Secretary’s offensive asseverations when talking about his enemies. From describing senior head-teachers and educational experts who oppose his views as ‘the blob’, to lashing out at the Lib Dems branding them ‘pathetic’, Gove’s rhetoric often seems more suited to the playground than in the Commons. Today’s outrage is his comments about school governors:

“The thing about being a governor is that it’s not just a touchy-feely, sherry pouring, cake slicing exercise in hugging each other and singing Kumbayah.”

Well thanks for that Micky, though one suspects that more sherry pouring goes on at Tory party get-togethers than at governors’ meetings – and not the cheap stuff either. And while you’ve been going out of your way to prove to us how down you are with the kids (witness cringe-worthy received-pronunciation rap – we’re surprised that you haven’t been hunted down and shot by Eminem), we expect our leaders to show a little more decorum than a hormonal teenager, and to come up with some more reasoned counter-arguments than ‘you’re pathetic’.

Apparently no-one but you in the whole, vast educational system on this little island of ours has even the remotest clue of how to teach, what to teach, and how to run a school. Which is sort of odd, since most of them have an awful lot more experience of it than you do. So you may have read some books on pedagogy and paid some cap-tugging consultants to do some research that fits with your views – but that doesn’t make you the leading authority on anything. I’ve read the Michael McIntyre autobiography and done a lot of research into comedy (well I’ve watched a fair bit of it on TV) but I won’t be signing up for a gig at the Hammersmith Apollo anytime soon.

Also if I may say so – if anyone is blobby it is you. Comments and opinions that run contrary to yours seem to sink into the thick mire of denial that envelops you never to surface again.

That is all.


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