Dinner conversation with a 3 year old: a poem

There’s a dinosaur in the corner, and he’s very naughty,
Said James this evening, while eating his tea.
He won’t eat his dinner, said James with glee,
Won’t he? Said mummy. That’s naughty indeed.

And what about you, little monkey? Will you eat your greens?
No, silly mummy! Monkeys don’t eat beans.
They eat sausages, and chocolate, and cakes full of cream.
And sometimes they eat dinosaurs… said James with a beam.

Do they? Said mummy. Is that right? Are you sure?
Said James: yes it’s easy, ‘cos dinosaurs are small.
See, if they’d had dinner they’d be big and strong and tall,
Said mummy to the monkey: that’s a lesson for us all.





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