Government policy ‘causing obesity’ – MSN News UK

An interesting article if you can get past the fact that Anna Soubry looks like a typical upper-class, divorced-from-reality Tory with the kind of self-satisfied face you want to stick on a darts board. You also need to get past the slightly inflammatory ‘skinny runts’ comment and the sweeping generalisations about our country’s lower income families. Nonetheless, this article speaks to me on two fronts – as a concerned mother and a recent convert to healthy eating.

Government policy ‘causing obesity’ – MSN News UK.

Following my article yesterday about mealtimes being a war zone, but one worth persisting with, I was particularly interested to read this:

“She told the newspaper that the culture of “TV dinners” had eroded traditional structures of family life and led some homes to dispense with a dining table entirely.” 

Is eating together as a family a middle class luxury?

In any case, well done to Anna for having the guts (pardon the pun) to criticise policy from her own party in defence of what she believes in. She’ll have ruffled some feathers for sure, but it is so important to keep the debate around obesity alive and prominent.


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