The best career advice you’ll ever get

I read something the other day about careers that resonated with me: “If money were no object, what would you choose to do?” The idea being that if you do something you enjoy you will find a way to make money at it.

I struggled for years to fix on a career, only falling into marketing eventually by chance. From the start of secondary school I changed my mind even more regularly than my hair colour (and that’s saying something). Fantasy careers included journalist, international lawyer, fashion designer, translator… each idea falling by the wayside for reasons I can no longer recall.

If someone had asked me the above question at 16 would I have known? I think perhaps I would have done if I had been brave enough to admit it myself, or rather confident enough to consider it as a realistic path. I certainly come back over and over to the same thought now, which (tragically unoriginal for an English Literature graduate) is that I would like to earn my crust through writing.

But if true career happiness lies in becoming a writer then how to get there? Copyblogger told me a few months ago that the key to becoming a writer is to call yourself one, and act accordingly. Fantastic advice that I utopically embraced for a couple of weeks until I realised that I wasn’t actually getting any writing done – largely thanks to a couple of wonderful but demanding children – and wasn’t sure what I would write even if I had time.

We all have a novel within us, so they say, but I do wish mine would show itself!

In the meantime, here is my attempt at writing just for writing’s sake. My first blog entry for over a year on this, my wonderful socksandthesettee blog!


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