My own little Maggie Simpson

Tichoux often channels Maggie Simpson. She’s fiercely independent, strong willed and freakishly self-reliant for a 14 month old. Like Maggie, Tichoux is exceptionally easy-going and undemanding except when she isn’t – like when she’s very tired or hungry. Hmm, I wonder who she takes after?. At nursery they tell me she is so good that … Continue reading My own little Maggie Simpson


Government policy ‘causing obesity’ – MSN News UK

An interesting article if you can get past the fact that Anna Soubry looks like a typical upper-class, divorced-from-reality Tory with the kind of self-satisfied face you want to stick on a darts board. You also need to get past the slightly inflammatory 'skinny runts' comment and the sweeping generalisations about our country's lower income families. … Continue reading Government policy ‘causing obesity’ – MSN News UK

Have pubs finished changing with the times?

Today’s news that yet another retail monolith has hit the dirt is a reminder of how fast the world is changing and that those who fail to keep pace do so at their peril. It got me on to thinking about other industries that have had to adapt fast in recent times – and in … Continue reading Have pubs finished changing with the times?