Good things about the recession…

People are getting politer. It’s just something I’ve observed over the past few years; when times are good, people are generally more inward looking (read selfish), whereas when times are bad, people seem to respond better to others. A form of blitz spirit if you will! I saw it in the hypermarches in France a few years back, where previously po-faced supercilious madames temporarily transformed into smiling, well-mannered models of society. “Apres vous, madame.” “Non, apres vous!” (Sadly I think France is on it’s way back to normal – le monde renverse has been righted once more). I had a wonderful experience in London last week, whereby the member of TfL staff at the ticket kiosk was smiling, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! Not a situation I would even have imagined circa 2001 when I was commuting daily from St. Ratford.

Another small, quirky, but I think rather lovely benefit of the recession is that people have started holding ‘yard sales’ or at least the British equivalent thereof. I can easily say that I hadn’t seen a single yard sale anywhere in the last 10 years, and now suddenly, I’ve seen 3 in the last two weeks. I do love a bargain, and a chance to nose around other people’s belongings, and of course one woman’s tat is another woman’s exciting new bjjoux. So long may the yard sale last!


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